What's So Important About Full Knee Extension?

Research shows that a lack of terminal knee extension (end range - not just 0 degrees or straight, but hyperextension) leads to increased risk of arthritis. Limited knee extension is a common impairment in people who have poor outcomes after knee surgery – whether it be a TKA, ACL, partial menisectomy, etc. For athletes, achieving full knee extension is an important factor (of many) in predicting a successful return to sport.

Why I Hate the Prone Knee Hang and What You Should Use Instead


The Knee Terminator is a simple, effective, and affordable way to get your patients knee extension ROM back as quickly and comfortably as possible….making both you and the patients happy.

If you:

  • Dread setting up people on the prone knee hang because it takes a while OR
  • Have patients who complain about how uncomfortable the prone knee hang is OR
  • Don’t like how unprofessional hanging a plastic bag or backpack from someone’s knee looks OR
  • Have had ankle weights fall off someone’s knee because they shifted ever so slightly OR
  • Cringe when you suggest one of those super-expensive bulky devices OR
  • Avoid using a LLLD extension stretch altogether (even though you know it would help) because there are no good options around…

Then the Knee Terminator is the answer to your problems!

It’s a must-have “tool” to add to your clinical toolbox because it benefits you AND your patients!

And it’s so affordable – less than most people’s copay – that you can even have your patients purchase one for home use to speed up their recovery even faster! (bulk purchases of 25 or more get 30% off so you can even make a small revenue off it)


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Which Patients Would Benefit From the Knee Terminator

Simply put, anyone who has limited knee extension!

Patients who commonly have limited knee extension are:

  • Total Knee Replacements

  • ACL surgery

  • Partial menisectomies

  • Knee Arthritis

  • Those “cut off” early from PT by their insurance company

What People Say


"One of the things that correlates to poor long term outcomes after knee surgery has always been a loss of knee extension, making full knee extension range of motion a priority. Patients often struggle to work on this independently at home, or have been forced to purchase a complicated and expensive device. The Knee Terminator is a very simple device that allows patients to easily perform low load long duration stretching on their own. It’s a great tool for clinicians to use in the clinic and to recommend people to purchase on their own for home use due to how affordable it is."


"Full knee extension is a crucial part of lower extremity health. Whether post-injury or Post-surgery, The Knee Terminator is the perfect tool to use. It is safe and effective and ultimately helps to improves patient compliance and overall outcomes."

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